Part 4-Chugging Mylanta

We’d been following one of the church’s parishioners:  Travis. When we arrived he quickly exited his car, approached us, and  embarrassedly apologized for the state of the trailer.  As we entered, I had to hold my breath because of the smell of mold. I just stared at the torn shower curtain just hanging. 

My stomach was in knots at this point.  

Nostalgia, Part 2–May The Force Be With You–And, Also With You

One night, I was watching the Muppet Show.  This episode was about Luke Skywalker, R2D2, and C3PO storming through the wall of the theatre looking for Chewbacca.  I remember watching and thinking--who are these characters?--this was not normal fare for The Muppet Show.  What is this “Star Wars?” I  vaguely recall thinking "I am now going to like Star Wars".