It’s Mann-Romey Day!

I recently sent a text message to our family group chat.  I asked them if we had any holiday traditions that they look forward to or that makes them feel good.  Instead of the sincere answers I was hoping for, they immediately started spamming the thread with things such as our annual front yard book burning or stealing the baby Jesuses from front yard nativity scenes.  

Painted From Memory–An Exercise in Saudade

I knew Burt Bacharach’s music–he had written for the Carpenters and his songs for Dione Warwick are legendary.  His music was on the regular rotation on the easy listening radio station I would listen to to unwind.   However, in full transparency, I did not know who Elvis Costello was, I had heard the name, but was not familiar with his music.  I have always liked the mixing of genres and the blending of musical styles to create new music. 

Part 4-Chugging Mylanta

We’d been following one of the church’s parishioners:  Travis. When we arrived he quickly exited his car, approached us, and  embarrassedly apologized for the state of the trailer.  As we entered, I had to hold my breath because of the smell of mold. I just stared at the torn shower curtain just hanging. 

My stomach was in knots at this point.  

Nostalgia, Part 2–May The Force Be With You–And, Also With You

One night, I was watching the Muppet Show.  This episode was about Luke Skywalker, R2D2, and C3PO storming through the wall of the theatre looking for Chewbacca.  I remember watching and thinking--who are these characters?--this was not normal fare for The Muppet Show.  What is this “Star Wars?” I  vaguely recall thinking "I am now going to like Star Wars".