Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA) Degree

The BCA Program is offered out of Yorkville University

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Program Description

Through Yorkville University, you will learn the practical and business skills needed for a leadership career in the creative arts.

This degree can be obtained in as few as 15 months* on campus in Toronto. With this degree, you will be eligible to apply to Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit Program.


*With full course load, year-round study and approved transfer credits. Please consult an admissions advisor for more information.

Career Outcomes

Production Executive


Studio Head

Casting Director

Talent Agent

Executive Producer


Development Executive

Creative Director


Tuition Fees

*Fees are approximate, and based on students who have completed a recognized 6-term (or equivalent) creative arts college or university program. Tuition Fees do not include books, expendable supplies, equipment and resources. Tuition fees are subject to change.

The tuition fees for the Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA) degree program are as follows:

Canadian or Permanent Residence Students:

$27,000* (Bursaries of $7,500 may be available)

International Students:

$40,500* (Bursaries of $24,375 may be available)



Pathway Steps


Our 7 Step Admissions Process


Complete Yorkville University’s online application form.


Pay the application fee of $75.


Provide official transcripts for all post-secondary education and professional training.


Provide a letter of intent with a sample of writing that helps prove your ability to succeed in university studies.


Provide a resume that demonstrates the BCA’s ability to build on your previous post-secondary study. 


Submit your choice of a portfolio, publications, reviews, and/or employer references (for those applying with only a 4-term diploma and additional experience). 


Send proof of English-language proficiency (international students only)


BCA Courses

Core Courses

  • Creative Arts in Cultural Context

  • Creative Arts in Ethical and Legal Context

  • Research Methods for the Creative Arts

  • Managing Talent and Arts Administration

  • Creative Arts in Political and Public Policy Context

  • Managing Projects in the Creative Arts

  • Financial Leadership for the Creative Arts

  • Criticism – Methods of Evaluating and Assessing Creative Activity

  • Entrepreneurship and the Creative Arts

  • Global Perspectives on the Creative Art

  • Graduating Project 1

  • Graduating Project 2

General Courses

  • Western Art – Prehistoric to Gothic

  • Western Art – Renaissance to Contemporary

  • Principles of Art and Design

  • Art Industries in Canada – an introduction and Overview

  • Perspectives on Indigenous Arts*

  • Cross Cultural Communication

  • Creativity and Innovation*

  • Research and Composition

  • Professional Communication

  • Communications for the Creative Arts*

  • University Studies

  • Qualitative Research Methods for Social Science

  • The Workplace in Fiction

  • Human Geography

  • The History of Sport

  • Introduction to Beauty

  • World Religions: A Comparative Study

  • Philosophical Thought and Leisure

  • Psychology of Everyday Life

  • Contemporary Topics in Social Psychology

  • The Psychology of Creativity*

  • Global Issues in Sociology

  • Sociology and Culture

  • Topics in Technology and Society

  • Topics in Power and Society

  • Smart And Sustainable Cities

  • Design Thinking

* indicates required + 4 of your choice


Are you in?

If you have any questions about Toronto Film School’s diploma programs, Yorkville University’s BCA program, or next steps—get in touch with an admission advisor today. Or, start your application now to secure your spot in the program.

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disclaimer for international students

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) policy  (available here) states that you ARE eligible to apply for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program IF you graduated from a:


  • – Canadian private school that can legally award degrees under provincial law (for example: bachelor, master or doctorate) but only if you are enrolled in study programs leading to a degree as authorized by the province


This policy, coupled with changes to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s practice, means students graduating with a Toronto Film School diploma will not have access to the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program unless they complete a post-graduate certificate program at another college, or a degree program at a university, including Yorkville University through the articulation / transfer credit agreement between Toronto Film School and Yorkville University.


Graduates of Yorkville’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with a specialization in Project Management may apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit of up to 3 years.  If this is granted, you can comfortably work up to  20 hours a week while you are a student in the degree program, acquire strong skill-based knowledge in your industry, obtain the skills to write a test and acquire a professional designation through the Project Management Institute.


Toronto Film School recommends that all students interested in applying to extend their stay in Canada following their diploma reach out to the IRCC or to a qualified Immigration Consultant for more information.


*The Designated Learning Institution (DLI) Number for Toronto Film School is O19396019511.


Why should I choose the Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA) degree program?

The Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA) degree program is designed to take your education to the next level by teaching you the advanced business and leadership skills needed in today’s creative arts industries. In this unique program, you will gain a complete understanding of the methodologies, tools and perspectives of the creative arts as it relates to talent management, project budgeting, financial planning, and legal and ethical considerations. 


The program is offered through Yorkville University in Toronto. Yorkville University is featured as one of 10 prominent universities and colleges to watch in 2023 (Higher Education Digest). 

Does the BCA program allow me to apply for Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Program?

With a two-year degree, international students can apply for the PGWPwhere you may be able to obtain a work permit valid for up to 3 years.  

What roles will I qualify for with my BCA degree?

Will I take the BCA at Toronto Film School?

The program is undertaken at Yorkville University. You have your choice of studying online, or at our campus in downtown Toronto  

What is Yorkville University’s Toronto campus like?

Situated in the heart of one of the most diverse cities in the world, the campus is steps from public transit, shops, services and restaurants, and the world-famous Toronto Eaton Centre.  

Do I need to acquire my arts diploma at Toronto Film School?

No, your diploma can be obtained from a college of applied arts, career college, or equivalent school outside of Canada. See “What is the application process for the BCA degree program?below for more details regarding enrolment.

When can I start the program?

The on-campus BCA program has intakes in January, April, July, and October.  

The online BCA program has intakes in January, April and October.  

How much does the Bachelor of Creative Arts degree program cost for on-campus students?

As of November 2023: 


  • On-campus program tuition for Canadian or permanent residents is approximately $28,500. A bursary of $7,500 may be available. 
  • On-campus program tuition for international students is approximately $40,500. A bursary of up to $24,375 may be available. 


Please note that costs do not include other fees such as textbooks, expendable supplies, equipment and resource fees. All fees and charges are quoted in Canadian dollars (CAD). Yorkville University also accepts equivalent payment in other currencies. 

How much does the Bachelor of Creative Arts degree program cost for online students?

As of November 2023, the current tuition rate for online students is $28,500.A bursary of $7,500 may be available. 


Please note that costs do not include other fees such as textbooks, expendable supplies, equipment and resource fees. All fees and charges are quoted in Canadian dollars (CAD). Yorkville University also accepts equivalent payment in other currencies. 

What is the application process for the Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA) degree program?

There are two admission paths to the program. You must complete one of the following to be considered for enrolment: 


    • Path One: A three-year (or six-term)diploma from a Canadian college of applied arts and technology or career college is required. You must have a GPA of at least 2.0 (or equivalent). Equivalent credentials earned in a country other than Canada are accepted. 


Please note: If you have previous post-secondary education or have served in the military, you can apply to transfer credits from past courses towards completion of the BCA program. 


    • Path Two: A two-year (four-term) diploma from a Canadian college of applied arts and technology or career college is required. Equivalent credentials earned in a country other than Canada are accepted. You must have a GPA of at least 2.0 (or equivalent) and:
    • completion of nine semester hours of university-level undergraduate study. 
    • completion of six credits of studio/applied course work in the applicant’s creative arts specialization OR completion of six months of employment experience in the applicant’s area of creative arts expertise. 

Please note:  The 15 credits required can be taken at Yorkville University or another accredited university or college.  


For full details on these qualifications, including English language proficiency requirements, and documentation required for enrolment, check out our Admission Requirements page (on campus) or Admission Requirements page (online).  

How is it possible to complete the program in two years or less?

Yorkville University operates year-round. You can complete the program in two years or less if: 


    • you already possess a diploma from a qualified university, college, or applied arts or technology school in a creative arts discipline.  
    • you study year-round. Please note: international students must take a one-term break to qualify for the PGWP Program (international students not interested in the PGWP Program can complete the BCA in as few as five terms). 

Does Yorkville University offer any scholarships?

Yes, you can read about our scholarships and bursaries here. 

Can I apply for provincial student loans?

We encourage you to read about provincial financial aid programs here.  

Is it possible to substitute on-campus courses with online courses?

Yes, the BCA offers program flexibility. All of the on-campus courses in the program can be substituted with online courses (the credits are equivalent). Please note that some general study courses are only offered online.  


International students must take at least 50 percent of their total courses on campus as a full-time student in order to qualify for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Program. 

Does Yorkville University have on-campus housing accommodations?

Unfortunately, Yorkville University does not have a campus residence. Please consult our “Off-Campus Housing page for options.  

Do I need a study permit to attend Yorkville University?

International students must obtain a study permit before classes start. The study permit can be applied for online, at a Canadian consular office abroad, or in Canada.  

What if I have more questions?

Reach out to us toll-free in Canada and the United States at 1.844.865.6655 or outside North America at 1.778.329.0562.You can message us on Facebook. The most effective way to get in touch with us fast is to fill out a Request for Information Form so a call with an admissions advisor can be arranged.