Our Students Are Job-Ready


We want you to land that dream job. You’ll be taught the best strategies for finding work in areas related to your career aspirations, and receive strategic advice for job interviewing, writing a resume, and networking. 

Graduate Employment/ Full-Time Jobs:

  • We source full-time jobs related to TFS programs of study for students who have recently graduated.

  • These opportunities are shared directly with eligible students and are posted to our internal TFS Alumni Job Board.

Part-Time Jobs:

  • We post part time jobs within the Greater Toronto Area for all students currently studying at TFS.

  • These part time job opportunities are offered to students that are looking for a side hustle.

But please note we don’t recommend students work more than 20 hours per week while studying here, as our programs are intensive.


Reach out to [email protected] to arrange a consultation.

Online Resources

Your One-Stop Online Career Portal

Through MyTFS.ca, you will be able to:


Explore career options, including how to:

  • Understand the labour market in your field.
  • Find potential employers and narrow your job search.
  • Conduct informational interviews.


Learn how to prepare resumes, cover letters, and portfolios of work.


Prepare and strategize for interviews, including:

  • Understand what employers want to know
  • Prepare for behavioural interview questions.
  • Manage references.
  • Understand the best practices for follow up.


Find work, including how to:

  • Cultivate relationships and connect with employers.
  • Build your social media presence.
  • Showcase your work online.


Effectively manage your career.


What Success Looks Like

Our graduates are working in the industry.

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