Your Guide to Student Housing in Toronto

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While Toronto Film School does not provide on-campus housing, we do maintain a list of accommodations and temporary housing (while you look for long-term arrangements) located a short distance from our campuses. Explore the list below.

Housing Options

Housing Directory

Rental agreements and payments are arranged directly through the property owner or manager.



4Stay is an online marketplace listing a variety of affordable rent options (including private rooms, shared rooms, fully furnished apartments with utilities included, and entire homes). Rental lengths vary.

University Living

University Living

In service since 2015, University Living is a global student housing marketplace that lets students search for rentals based on their budget and desired location. They can compare and book from over 1.7 million accommodations in 300+ student cities including Canada. The platform also offers additional added value-services such as international money transfers, student discounts, refer & earn bonuses, student-priced flight tickets, and more.



Homestay opportunities are ideal for those in the English as a Second Language (ESL) program who wish to learn more about Canadian culture in a family environment. Homestay offers the opportunity to live with a host family and (possibly) other international students who are attending Toronto Film School. You will be provided with a bedroom and access to the common areas of the house, including the use of the television and laundry room, and internet access.

Here is our list of Homestay locations:

Homestay fees can vary based on the type of accommodation you choose. Additional fees may apply for special services like meals or special requests.


Tips on Finding the Right Accommodations

When looking for a place, consider the following:


Set your budget before starting your search so you know how much you can spend.


Start looking early, long before you need a place to stay.


If you are using transit, time your commute during the hours you would normally go to and from TFS to see how long it takes you.


Understand what’s included in the lease:

  • Is the monthly rent all-inclusive or do you need to pay extra for utilities?
  • Is Wi-Fi included?
  • Are there laundry facilities in the unit or on site?
  • Are there any restrictions (pets, waterbeds, visitors, etc.).
  • Who is responsible for repairs?
  • How and when do you give notice?


Check for damage:

  • The water. Do the taps work in the sinks and tub? Do the toilet(s) flush properly?
  • The insulation. Does the place feel drafty? Are there signs of mold?
  • Do a walk around outside. If you’re renting a room in a house, pay particular attention to the roof tiles (missing tiles may mean water leaks).


Consider safety:

  • Is there building security?
  • Do the external doors automatically lock upon exiting?
  • Are the locks on the windows and doors of good quality?
  • Are there fire extinguishers in the hallways and easily accessible EXIT doors?
  • How safe is the neighbourhood? Is there ample street lighting?


Talk to other tenants about their experiences living there, or look for online reviews.


Read the lease thoroughly before signing. If you are in doubt about anything, ask for clarification or seek a professional opinion first. You can learn more about leasing through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

International Students

International Students

We know moving to another country can be stressful but we’re here to help. Pease reach out to your admission advisor or email us on [email protected]